CEO statement

Dear shareholders:

DIA has always felt that without efficiency, there is no sustainability. By optimising and using resources correctly, we have been able to achieve profitable growth for over 34 years now.

As the company has grown and matured, we have become even more committed to sustainability. As a result, we continue to strive to improve measurement and reporting tools. This sustainability report is fruit of these efforts, prepared again this year taking into consideration the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

In 2012, we made inroads in stakeholder engagement. We revised and developed projects geared towards employees, endeavoured to understand our customers better and, in general, took into account the society around us.

DIA signed the UN Global Compact in 2012, embracing its principles as its own. The company also thought long and hard about its situation, leading to the creation of its values. The values were always there, but they needed to be recognised and communicated as part of DIA’s identity. DIA’s Board of Directors also approved the company’s Code of Ethics in 2012, guiding the actions of all DIA employees in their relations with other stakeholders. In addition to the Code of Ethics, a specific channel was set up for ethics-related enquiries and concerns about possible breaches.

Progress was also made on the good corporate governance front with the approval of a risk policy based on the COSO II standard and tailored to DIA’s needs.

In line with its commitment to efficiency, DIA made certain technical improvements to its stores in 2012, geared mainly towards sustainable consumption. To illustrate, the company invested more than €11 million on the replacement of traditional lighting tubes at its stores with LED tubes. With this, the company hopes to achieve some €7 million in annual energy savings and reduce carbon emissions by 20,800 tonnes a year.

DIA continued with its efforts to make sure food reaches the neediest sectors, delivering more than a million kilos to the food banks in the countries in which it operates. We hope that by doing our small part we can help a society reeling from the challenging economic environment.

Looking ahead to 2013, DIA is confident that it can continue to improve. It remains staunch in its sustainability commitment, with approval by the Board of Directors of the CSR policy, implementation of an anti-corruption plan and development of systems to reduce energy consumption.

Ricardo Currás
Chief Executive Officer

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