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More than just economic value

DIA generated gross under-banner sales of €11.68 billion in 2012, constant-currency growth of 6.7% year-on-year.

Revenue and earnings momentum was underpinned by strong business performances in Spain and Portugal, as well as in Argentina and Brazil. Particularly noteworthy was the performance in Spain where, despite the challenging economic environment, gross under-banner sales rose 6% year-on-year in the first half to €2.41 billion and 5.4% in the full year to €4.92 billion. Fast-growing markets also performed extremely well, posting 24% growth in sales. This helped DIA extend its growth trajectory.

DIA delivers solid earnings in 2012, driving economic growth in its operating markets
DIA had 6,914 stores at 31 December 2012 in the seven countries where it operates (Spain, Portugal, France, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil and China), 244 more than the year before. DIA is the world’s third largest discount supermarket chain and the third largest franchiser, with 2,890 franchises.

The company has over 47,800 employees and 45 logistics platforms taking up a surface area of over 900,000m².

The number of stores, employees and logistics centres is not just a statistic, but rather it shows how DIA helps the development of the areas where it operates by creating jobs, promoting adjacent activities through work with suppliers and outsourcing, paying taxes and rewarding investors. To illustrate, 89.4% of DIA’s total purchases in 2012 were from local suppliers.

DIA earmarked €68 thousand in 2012 to participate in development projects in its areas of operation and to provide social/humanitarian aid to the most needy. Interestingly, most of the activities in which the company is involved are suggested or organised by one or some of its employees, franchisees or partners.

DIA is aware of the environmental impact of its business and, therefore, is committed to efficient and responsible resource use. It is constantly developing and implementing programmes to achieve eco-friendly stores and eco-efficient logistics processes, using new packaging materials and modes of transport, which not only helps reduce consumption, but also annual emissions by 4.3%.

Economic value generated, distributed and retained
31/12/2011 (*) 31/12/2012
Economic value generated 9,852,981 10,288,612
Sales 9,728,544 10,124,328
Other income 114,953 136,651
Finance income 8,614 8,367
Profit of financial instruments - 18,196
Profit of companies accounted for using the equity method 870 1,070
Economic value distributed 9,540,239 9,933,146
Goods and other consumables used 7,752,534 8,104,512
Personnel expenses 803,687 813,559
Operating expenses 779,770 755,971
Gains/(losses) on disposal of fixed assets 4,295 12,061
Finance expenses 44,006 59,514
Income tax 83,449 101,839
Dividends (**) 72,498 85,690
Economic value retained 312,742 355,466

(*) Pro-forma excluding Peking. In 2012, DIA decided to dispose of the business in Peking (China) and focus efforts on Shanghai, where it has 316 stores. As a result, it classified the accounts of this businesses under discontinued operations in 2012 and restated the 2011 figures.

(**) Dividends at 31/12/2012 related to the proposed appropriation of 2012 profit to be submitted for approval by shareholders, while dividends at 31/12/2011 related to those paid in 2012 out of 2011 profit.

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