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DIA gets involved wherever it is

DIA does business in a diverse range of socio-economic and cultural environments. As a food retailer, it is fully aware of the opportunities it has to help improve the well-being of society.

DIA works tirelessly and in continuous contact with associations, NGOs and other entities that work to help society, to jointly pursue initiatives and seek out projects that contribute to society, above all those related to food and food safety, and to children.

DIA is also a member of the Entidades Amigas de la Fundación Lealtad (Friends of Lealtad Foundtion) association, helping fund initiatives of this Foundation to promote principles of transparency and best NGO management practice.

This Lealtad Foundation provides independent, objective and consistent information to individuals and businesses alike, to help them choose which GNO they want to help and guide them on how to track their donations. The information is based on transparency analyses conducted by the Foundation free of charge on NGOs that request it voluntarily.

DIA awarded for its social involvement

DIA’s unwavering commitment to responding to the major challenges facing society today and to make a difference in its areas of influence garnered the company a number of awards in 2012, including the FEDER corporate social responsibility award, which was given by HRH the Princess of Asturias.

The Director of FEDER, the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases, Claudia Delgado said: “We at FEDER would like to thank DIA for its help and co-operation with us over the years. It is truly an honour to have the support of a company that is so involved in the problems facing people with rare diseases”. With this award, FEDER recognises DIA’s support and commitment to persons suffering from rare diseases and their families. For the past three years, it has helped sponsor the annual charity race.

Supporting food banks around the world

DIA and the Food Bank Federation continue to develop their collaboration agreement for the regular delivery of food to the neediest in a majority of countries where the company operates. Since 2009, the two organisations have collaborated closely in the launching of this project, which has now achieved excellent and inspiring results.

2012 was a record year for DIA in terms of its charity work under the arrangements in place with various food banks across its operating markets. In 2012, the company delivered a million kilograms (kg), or 1,000 tonnes, of food, 67% more than in 2011.

The Spanish business handed out the most food, at just over 510,000 kg (+137%), followed by the Portuguese and French business units, at 271,000 kg and 127,000 kg, respectively. The company’s record performance is rounded out by Argentina and Turkey, where it donated an aggregate of 85,000 kg.

Particularly noteworthy was DIA’s participation in the “Gran Recogida de Alimentos” (major food drive) organised by the Seville Food Bank and the welfare projects of “la Caixa”. Held on 30 November and 1 December, volunteers went to every DIA store in the Seville province, collecting more than 400 tonnes of food.

In recognition of its ongoing work with food banks, the Seville Food Bank rewarded DIA for its support of the neediest in 2012.

3.7.1 Community work by country


Partnership with FEDER

DIA and its employees joined the race to raise awareness about rare diseases

For the third year in a row, DIA provided sponsorship the charity race to raise awareness about rare diseases, held in Madrid’s Casa de Campo in Madrid at the end of February. This is the largest mass event organised by the Spanish Federation of these diseases (FEDER), with the participation of more than 3,500 people of all ages in 2012.

There was also a “mini” version of the race for children, with a view to raising awareness from an early age about the needs of families of sufferers of these types of diseases.

A total of 137 DIA employees, friends, relatives and children ran in the race. DIA paid employees’ race registration fees and, in addition, rewarded the winner of the charity race with a shopping trolley full of DIA products.

Vaccinations against indifference

As part of World Rare Disease Day, DIA helped FEDER with a vaccination campaign against “epidemic of indifference” towards rare diseases.

The campaign promoted ways in which people can “vaccinate” themselves, such as participating in a charity –the company encouraged employees and their families and friends- or making individual donations to support the more than three million families with a member suffering from a rare disease, helping them to receive psychological treatment, social assistance, family getaways, family get-togethers, educational initiatives or setting up patient networks.

Donations of Christmas hampers for drawing on the Midesvan.org on-line charity store promoted by FEDER and DEBRA

DIA donated a number of Christmas hampers for a drawing on the Midesvan.org on-line charity store promoted by FEDER and DEBRA (the Spanish Epidermolysis Bullosa Association). The proceeds went to projects designed to improve the quality of the lives of people with rare diseases.

Collaboration with the Professor Uría Foundation

In 2012, DIA participated in pro-bono work of the Professor Uría Foundation on a food drive, helping to feed more than 83,000 people in Spain. With the proceeds of a charity dinner held by the Uría Menéndez law firm, almost 6 tonnes of food were delivered to the Madrid food bank.

DIA’s many years of experience in working together with the food banks in most of the countries in which it operates has served to chalk up a new success with this collaboration in the area of social action.

DIA signs up to AECOC’s FoodWaste initiative

According to the European Commission, around 89 million tonnes of food are wasted each year, generating roughly 170 million tonnes of CO2. The food waste problem has major economic, environmental and socio-humanitarian implications and tarnishes the reputation and image of companies in the mass consumption industry.

That’s why DIA signed up to the FoodWaste initiative sponsored by the Spanish association of food manufacturers and retailers, AECOC. FoodWaste is a new, global partnership project involving companies operating throughout the value chain designed to make them more competitive and promote an economic, social and environmentally sustainable value chain.

Its mission is to get all agents in the chain to work together in order to reduce waste all along the food chain through prevention and by developing efficient practices. By integrating agents along the chain, AECOC wants to make full use of any food or surplus generated in the supply chain.

DIA’s involvement with the Theodora Foundation

Charity flea market in conjunction with Caritas and the Theodora Foundation

On 14 February, the traditional Charity Flea Market was held in conjunction with Caritas and the Theodora Foundation, featuring leather goods, fabrics, costume jewellery, etc. made by Taller 99, a social and labour insertion company that belongs to Cáritas Diocesana Madrid’s Labora Foundation, and original and fun gifts by the Theodora Foundation.

“Doctor Smile” visits

During 2012, the DIA Group continued to expand its collaboration, now more than three years old, with the Theodora Foundation, which provides professional clowns who bring a smile to children in hospital.

DIA distributed 160 gift codes among employees worth Doctor Smile visits and signed an agreement with the Foundation allowing DIA employees who so request to gift a visit from a “Doctor Smile”.

A drawing was also held among donors, with the winners accompanying the clown doctors to help bring smiles to hospitalised children.

Sponsorship of the “Dos ciudades unidas por una sonrisa” (two cities joined for a smile) charity dinner

For the second year running, the Theodora Foundation and the Invest for Children Foundation met at the InterContinental hotel in Madrid and the Juan Carlos I in Barcelona for a good cause: to raise funds for clown doctor visits and the pension plans of employees with disabilities. Two cities, two restaurants joined by video on large screens throughout the night, and over 700 people working together for the sole purpose of bring a smile to those who need one. Events included an auction of unique possessions belonging to sports and cultural celebrities and a jewellery sale, with 10% of the funds raised donated to the Invest for Children Foundation and the Theodora Foundation.

“Emergency Laughter” Gala at the Price Circus Theatre

DIA sponsored a children’s charity show organised by the Theodora Foundation on 18 November at the Price Circus Theatre of Madrid. Called “Emergency Laughter”, the show was presented by Pepe Viyuela and included performances by pop children’s group Candela y los Supremos and children from the Escuela de Música Creativa music school, in addition to 30 of Theodora Foundation’s clown doctors. The funds raised went to pay for children’s hospital visits by the clown doctors.

Ana Claudia touches our employees

Ana Claudia decided to make history. This young 15-year-old from Malaga suffers from Sanfilippo syndrome, which has a severe impact on the central nervous system and is classified as a rare disease. She managed to persuade five elite athletes to swim across the 100 kilometre strait between Ceuta and Marbella. They would be the first swimmers to achieve this challenging and dangerous feat.

Sponsored by DIA, the event took place on 28 and 29 July under the slogan “Athletes for a cause”. The funds raised from the swim went entirely to MPS (the Spanish Mucopolysaccharidosis and Related Disorders Association) to help improve the quality of the lives of children with this disease, including Ana Claudia.

Smiling Tour

Smiling Tour consisted of visits from three Theodora Foundation clown doctors at the Christmas event held at DIA’s head offices on Friday, 21 December. They formed a welcoming committee, given those attending a clown nose to show DIA’s appreciation, and to DIA employees for helping the Theodora Foundation.

A stand was set up with charity products for employees wishing to participate including the Foundation’s Christmas cards or the “Doctor Smile First Aid Kit”. The “Doctor Smile First Aid Kit” comprised the Doctor Smile Manual and a series of information leaflets on children’s health prepared by the Spanish Primary Care Pediatrics Association (AEPap). Each kit sold paid for a clown doctor visit to a hospitalised child.

Collaboration with Fundación Secretariado Gitano

Breakfast and snacks

DIA is collaborating with the Fundación Secretariado Gitano (Gypsy Secretariat Foundation) in Spain by providing the snacks at its Summer School, aimed at children from Madrid aged between six and fourteen in situations of social vulnerability and living in those areas of the city most plagued by unemployment and exclusion.

In 2012, the company provided these children’s mid-morning snack with the idea of supplementing their basic diet, as many of their families are in a difficult situation.

The “Se Buscan Reyes Majos” (Wisemen wanted) project

DIA, in conjunction with Fundación Secretariado Gitano, wanted to make sure 200 children at serious risk of social exclusion received a gift from the Three Wise Men this Christmas.

The company encouraged employees to volunteer for the campaign, spending some of their free time inspecting, preparing, classifying and delivering the toys and books donated during the part held at the company’s headquarters in Las Rozas. The regional centres also made donations.

The campaign was so successful that in addition to 60 children from Fundación Secretariado Gitano, the project was extended to include FEDER and Iberia’s Foundation, which took gifts to children in Central and South America.

Somos voluntarios (we are volunteers) awareness-raising campaign of “somos.org”.

To celebrate International Volunteer Day (8 June), DIA signed up for a global initiative spearheaded by Spain’s top 25 NGOs (under the umbrella of the Spanish Fundraising Association, AEFr) to raise awareness about the importance of collaboration and donations to the most disadvantaged. Under the slogan “Somos” (We are), a good number of Spanish companies and media helped in this awareness-raising task by promoting specific initiatives among their employees, such as a series of flash mobs in workplaces, wearing a piece of clothing inside out as a sign of support or sporting a “solidarity” sticker.

“This is a gesture to show our price in supporting humanitarian initiatives and publicising them to attract the attention of people who are not donors" explained one of the promoters of the initiative. DIA also showed its support by turning its logo back to front on its web pages and Youtube channel, and by allowing its employees to go to work with their uniforms inside out.

The Josep Carreras Foundation’s “Value of life” experiment

In 2012, DIA launched a collaboration agreement with the Josep Carreras Foundation, using its communication channels to boost the number of donations from its employees and different stakeholder groups. By publicising the Foundation´s different actions on the company´s website, in the internal magazine and in the magazine sent to loyalty programme customers, DIA provides support to this organization, created 24 years ago by the well-known Spanish tenor.

The Josep Carreras Foundation focuses its efforts on support for scientific research, the search for donors of bone marrow and umbilical cord blood for any patient who needs a transplant and does not have a compatible donor relative, the provision of infrastructure to health care centres, teaching, and social services for patients and their families, such as the provision of shelter accommodation and personalised medical information.

Red Cross blood drive

As it does every year, DIA, thanks to the help of the Spanish Red Cross, held three blood drives in 2012 so employees at the head quarters wishing to do so could give blood. One of the regional centres, Sabadell, joined the campaign, with 250 employees in all taking part.

“Donate your mobile phone” with Red Cross and Entreculturas Foundation

Organised and developed by the Spanish Red Cross and Entreculturas Foundation, the “Donate your mobile phone” campaign encourages individuals, businesses and institutions to donate used mobile phones to raise funds for environmental, education and development projects. The phones received we either reused or, if not possible, recycled.

DIA joined this campaign in September 2012, installing recycling bins at its headquarters, the warehouse in Arroyomolinos and stores. After the initial test run, the company now intends to extend the initiative and keep it going indefinitely throughout Spain.

Since DIA signed up, some 1,028 mobile phones have been donated, in addition to the 751,364 hones collected since the campaign was originally launched in 2004, raising a total of €1,243,969.

Maxi DIA Christmas dinner and charity shopping cart for AECC

A charity dinner was held in Tres Cantos on 24 November for the Spanish Cancer Association, AECC, to raise funds for cancer research. DIA donated a DIA Maxi shopping trolley full of products, which was raffled off along with either gifts donated by businesses, and participated in AECC workshops through weekly meetings with patients and volunteers.

Support of Unicef’s CumpleDIAS campaign

In 2012, DIA encouraged employees to make donations to the Unicef project at www.CumpleDIAS.com designed to raise awareness and eradicate the hunger of the millions of children who go to bed hungry everyday.

“Por Ser Niña” Campaign

Many little girls are discriminated against in different parts of the world, not only because of their age, but also because of their sex. Girls face unique challenges merely because of their gender.

Founded over 75 years ago, Plan is an international organisation that works in 68 countries to promote and defend children’s rights. Thanks to its “Por Ser Niña” (because you’re a girl) campaign, designed to eradicate gender discrimination in the world, the United Nations declared 11 October to be International Day of the Girl Child.

DIA and employees joined this fundraiser at www.levantatumano.com to enable girls to receive quality education, which is a key factor to eradicating extreme poverty in the world.

Women’s week

In honour of International Women´s Day (8 May), DIA supported and promoted a number of activities organised by Lealtad Foundation NGOs among employees and customers, both in person in Madrid and Seville, and on internet. These included online awareness-raising campaigns, film series, photograph exhibits, street theatre, conferences, etc.

Animal therapy with the PsicoAnimal Association

PsicoAnimal is a non-profit association set up by a multidisciplinary team of professionals from the healthcare and animal spheres to raise awareness about animal assisted therapy (AAT) and its therapeutic and social importance. DIA became involved in the association’s activities in 2012 to help improve the lives of the more vulnerable sections of the population, using animal-assisted therapy to improve people’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive functioning.

The Spanish Cancer Association’s “Múevete por tu salud” charity walk

“Muévete por tu salud” (move for health) is a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of prevention and early detection of colon cancer. DIA collaborated with and promoted the initiative among both its employees and its customers.

Fourth annual children’s Christmas contest

DIA wanted to dedicate this traditional Christmas contest for boys and girls to the members of its staff that need it the most. This year it chose “Christmas Charity” as the topic for the drawing contest. The prizes were charity products form the NGOs with which DIA works. For this first time in 2012, the two runners up each received a prize, along with the winner.


Cooperation with Help-Portrait Lisbon 2012

Minipreço supported the Centro Social Musgueira (CSM) NGO which, in conjunction with the international community of volunteer photographers Retratos AYUDA, took portraits of families that are less fortunate that otherwise would be not be able to have them done by professionals.

SOS Animal in Portugal

Minipreço launched a free online veterinarian hotline on its corporate website (www.minipreco.pt) in cooperation with the Portuguese animal rights organisation, SOS Animal - Grupo de Rescate de Animales. With this project, veterinarians offer advice and answer questions regarding people’s pets in exchange for support of SOS Animal through money or product donations.

So far, 3 tonnes of food have been received for the association’s animals and 120 consultations have been handled.


2012 Winter Clothing Donation Campaign (Campanha de Agasalho 2012)

The 2012 Winter Clothing Donation Campaign was held from 2 to 31 May, with the involvement of employees from the national, distribution and regional centres. Employees donated a total of 3,981 articles of clothing (an average of two per person), which were distributed to eight institutions (Casa Abrigo Novo Amanhecer, Centro Espírita João Batista, Associação Emanuel, Fundação Casa Aberta, Lar Jesus entre As Crianças, Casa Do Ancião, Casa de Acolhimento Amamos, Lar Bussocaba, Lar Plantio de Amor, Lar dos Velhinnos São Vicente de Paulo, and Casa Madre Teodora).

Blood drive

The blood drive, promoted in association with the Pro-Blood Foundation in Brazil, was carried out on 25 October at DIA’s central office in Brazil. The drive was designed to encourage and raise awareness among DIA employees about the importance of donating blood. The various campaigns, carried out both in the Nossa Gente in-house magazine and the online channels (e.g. company profiles in social networks), produced 58 volunteers and 43 bags of bloods.

Charity Christmas campaign

For the second year running, the Charity Christmas campaign was held in Brazil. The purpose is to give clothing, shoes and toys for Christmas to underprivileged children. Three institutions were chosen (Lar Escola Pequeño Leão, Creche Menino Jesus and Abrigo São Mateus I y II), with presents given to a total of 131 children.

“Together on a special day” campaign

DIA Brazil embarked on this campaign, first to spot the most pressing needs of nursing homes and orphanages, then to promote a fundraiser, followed by scheduled visits to deliver the donations. In 2012, the company worked with the Lar Plantio de Amor, Casa de Repouso Novo Amanhecer and Lar dos Velhinnos São Vicente de Paulo centres. It was able to help 36 children and 78 senior citizens under the care of these insitutions.

Annual charity scavenger hunt

In June, a charity scavenger hunt was organised among the various distribution centres, with teams taking part in a number of activities to help as many people as possible. In 2012, it was dedicated to the Winter Clothing Donation Campaign (Campanha de Agasalho). The winning teams were Novo Hamburgo and Anhaguera.


Annual employee fundraiser

The 2012 annual fundraiser among administrative staff of the local headquarters and the distribution centres of Burzaco and Vicente López raised a total of €2,181 euros. The company matched this amount, donating a total of €4,362 euros to the following initiatives:

“Ponete el guardapolvo” (put your coat on) campaign

With this campaign, jackets and backpacks were sent to the Hogar Querubines (Florida) foster home, which cares for 80 children of kindergarten and primary school age, along with coats and school material to 40 children at Casa del Niño de Chacarita, and 150 backpacks to the Felices los Niños Foundation in Hurlingham, which helps some 4,500 children.

Children’s Day

A 364 toys were sent to children at the Comedor Sagrado Corazón shelter in Morón.

Christmas toys

Funds raised were used to buy presents for 50 children at risk of social exclusion for the Sana Convivencia integration centre.

Delivery of food to soup kitchens

DIA Argentina works year-round offering food to soup kitchens, children’s shelters and families at risk of social exclusion.

In 2012, it cooperated with 24 institutions helping more than 5,000 people a day. These included Hogar Niño Jesús, in Adelina; Comedor El Rocío, in Del Viso; the Centro Comunitario Principitos y Princesitas community centre, in Luján; the Federico y sus amigos soup kitchen, in Cañuelas; Sagrado Corazón soup kitchen, in Morón; the La Salle Foundation, in Gonzalez Catán; the Casa del Niño Amanecer shelter, in Tigre; and the Voluntarias de María, in San Miguel.

Expired food donations

These donations are made by DIA’s two distribution centres in Argentina (Burzaco and Vicente López). Between the two, they supply the Felices los Niños Foundation, which helps some 4,500 children, and Fundación Banco de Alimentos (Food Bank Foundation), which lends support to another 400 institutions helping as many as 70,000 people. In all, food worth $101,717 (over €75,000) was donated in 2012.

Paper and bottle cap recycling for the Niños Garrahan hospital

The purpose of this initiative is twofold: to protect the environment and to donate proceeds to the Niños Garrahan hospital.

A total of 6,979 kilos of paper and 27 kilos (10,800 units) of bottle tops were recycled, saving 118 medium-sized trees from being chopped down.


Race for breast cancer research

DIA France paid the race registration fees of 30 of its women employees. The funds raised from the race went to breast cancer research.


Fundraiser to donate wheelchairs

Supporting this Turkish-government led initiative, DIA collected fund among employees of the central offices and warehouses to buy and donate wheelchairs to the Turkish healthcare system.

Awards given to DIA in 2012
The FEDER award for Corporate Social Responsibility (Spain)
The Seville Food Bank Award (Spain)
Best promotional initiative and special Mes del Congelado (frozen food month) award from Plataforma del Congelado (Spain)
Runner up for the Reclame Aquí award for customer service quality to DIA Brazil (Brazil)

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