We listen to franchisee demands and strive to improve for them

Franchises are a top priority in DIA’s business model, with 40% of DIA’s stores operating under this formula. Accordingly, making efforts to improve in this segment and meet franchisees’ needs is also a priority.

In 2012, DIA conducted its first external franchisee satisfaction survey. Prepared by independent consultant Nielsen, the survey was designed to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses with a view to further enhancing relations between the company and its vast network of franchisees.

Over 90% of franchisees answered the questions frankly. According to those polled, the most highly-rated DIA attributes relate to the quality and competitiveness of the private label, the support provided by supervisors and implementation of the Club DIA loyalty card. The surveys also showed areas that could be improved, mainly profitability and compliance by the warehouse with working hours. Based on the results of the survey, both of these areas are being studied by the company so that it can make improvements in 2013.

In general terms, 48% of franchisees surveyed felt that their initial business expectations had been met, 52% would recommend the experience, while as many as 39% envisaged opening new franchise stores in the near future.

In light of the interest sparked by the survey and the wealth of information obtained to enhance relations with franchisees, the survey will be repeated at least annually so that DIA is kept permanently abreast of its franchisees’ needs in order to factor them into the company’s future plans.

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