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Closer relationships and more dialogue

Customer focus is one of DIA’s core values, always striving to achieve customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction can range from: offering them the best store model, which is behind the interest in revamping the store network and gearing it towards the DIA Market format; coming up with new propositions, e.g. DIA Fresh; demanding maximum product quality, of both private labels and local suppliers; and making shopping as enjoyable, healthy and economical as possible.

DIA worked on winning more customers in 2012, getting closer to them to find out what they want and need and giving it to them. It set up profiles and corporate pages on the main social networks: Facebook and, to a lesser extent, Twitter and YouTube.

In less than a year, DIA’s new customer relationship platforms have grown considerably, above all in Portugal, where www.facebook.com/minipreco has more than 100,000 fans. DIA Argentina (www.facebook.com/DIAArgentina) has more than 100,000 and DIA Spain (www.facebook.com/DIAEspana) more than 40,000.

New customer communication channels to get closer and listen to their demand, resulting in new products such as BIO
This powerful communication channel has been used in the different countries not only to announce DIA’s full offering and the new features of its stores, but also to raise awareness about good eating habits, company activities beyond retailing and as a forum where customers and followers can share recipes, tips for housewives, environmental recommendations, healthy living, home decoration, natural beauty, etc.

Campaigns like “Carro de los Fans” (fan shopping trolley) or “Cena de Navidad” (Christmas dinner) in Spain enjoyed huge success, while DIA Argentina’s full facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/DIAArgentina?sk=app_196631930449078) is also worth noting.

DIA also achieves customer satisfaction by offering quality products. The company maintained its high quality standards in 2012 while promoting the DIA Bio range of healthier products to cater to customers’ demands.

DIA Bio products are organic and meet very specific standards, designed to meet the needs of households without costing them more. They have their own packaging, which makes them readily identifiable on the shelves, and provide comprehensive nutritional information.

DIA France in particular expanded its range of DIA Bio organic products on display during the year. With 11 new product references (six of which edible, four of which fresh and frozen foods), shoppers can currently find more than 50 organic products on DIA’s store shelves. In total, DIA introduced over 150 varieties of organic fruit and vegetables last year with price points that are 20% lower than those of over hypermarkets.

A key event in 2012 held to promote these products was the “Top Chef” contest, in which chefs used DIA Bio products to design biscuit recipes. Customers taste tested their creations and then voted for a winner.

Customer communication

As part of its customer relationship management (CRM) activity, DIA puts out the Club DIA magazine. Containing articles of interest and a circulation of 700,000 copies, the magazine is distribution to a select group of DIA’s top customers.

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