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A fluid, close and reciprocal relationship with all stakeholders is a core element of CSR policy at DIA.

A company’s value is also judged by its actions, i.e. business operations that inevitably have an impact on the economy, society and the environment of the countries where these are carried out.

DIA understands CSR as actively contributing to the social, economic and environmental development of the countries where it operates. The mission of CSR is to help the company achieve its strategic goals and meet the expectations of all its stakeholders. Meeting stakeholder expectations will dictate their degree of engagement and the efficiency in DIA’s business and results.

Shareholders (economic capital), employees (human capital), governments (legal regulations), suppliers, NGOs and society are all stakeholders that enable a company to exist and they all have different interests.

DIA created new communication channels in 2012, including profiles in social networks, and consultation processes (e.g. franchisee surveys), to gauge the opinions and needs of its stakeholders. From their responses and opinions, DIA learned the most important issues for them both in terms of CSR and more commercial matters. This helped guide DIA’s ensuing steps and enabled the company to prioritise its objectives.

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