Corporate governance

A firm commitment to good governance

DIA’s corporate governance meets the highest national and international standards, guaranteeing sustainable management of the company over the long term.

DIA’s board of directors is composed of ten directors, of which seven are independent, two are proprietary and one is an executive director. The chairman is a non-executive independent and the duties of the chairman and the chief executive are clearly defined. DIA’s board of directors’ duties include defining the investing and financing policy, management targets and annual budgeting, as well as the corporate group structure, corporate governance policy, CSR policy and the business or strategy plan. The board’s activity is governed by the Board of Directors Regulation and the Code of Ethics. There were seven board meetings in 2012.

To enhance the performance of the board of directors, there are two board committees:

  • Appointments and Remuneration Committee: it is responsible for defining the compensation policy, assessing the performance of senior executives, and proposing executive promotions. This committee met three times in 2012.
  • Audit and Compliance Committee: in its responsible for defining the risk control and management policy, and periodically monitoring the internal control over financial reporting systems and dividend and treasury policy, particularly with respect to their limits. This committee held six meetings in 2012.

As a listed company, DIA has prepared the required corporate governance report, which is available to shareholders and stakeholders on the company’s corporate website.

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