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DIA and the environment

In 2012, DIA remained firmly committed to developing and executing projects in the countries where it operates designed to ensure process safety and the sustainability of its activities as a whole, without ever losing sight of quality as its core customer pledge.

DIA´s commitment means fostering environmental conservation by developing and managing a sustainable business based on efficiency, continual improvement and the continual search for new ways to control and diminish the business’ environmental footprint.

Therefore, in addition to its concerns for the social and economic development of its operating markets, DIA also believes it is crucial to shape policies and strategies that protect the surroundings within its sphere of influence. Prerequisite consideration such as transportation sustainability and efficiency, resource optimisation and environmental ramifications are factored in when establishing lines of initiative.

Cornerstones of DIA’s environmental pledge
  • Proper waste management
  • Efficient energy management
  • Lower consumption of plastic bags
  • Innovative product packaging
  • Minimisation of the environmental footprint of all logistics activities

DIA and its people are aware that small gestures can make a big difference. Protection of the environment and the responsible use of the advantages it brings are intrinsic aspects of the company’s everyday management.

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