Engaged in community and environmental protection work

DIA is keenly aware of the need to respond to the major challenges facing society today and to make a difference in its areas of influence. To this end it aligns all of its sustainable development efforts and policies around working under two principles:

  • Respect for the environment
  • Commitment to society

The company is making steady progress on developing and executing projects designed to ensure process safety and the sustainability of its activities as a whole, without ever losing sight of quality as its core customer pledge.

Respect for the environment

In addition to fostering social and economic development in its operating markets, DIA believes it is crucial to shape policies and strategies that protect the surroundings within its sphere of influence. When establishing lines of initiative, the company factors in prerequisite considerations such as logistics sustainability and efficiency, resource optimisation and environmental ramifications.

Logistics sustainability and efficiency, resource optimisation and environmental impact are factored into everything that DIA does
Crucially, this commitment means fostering environmental conservation by developing and managing a sustainable business based on efficiency, continual improvement and the constant search for new ways to control and diminish the business’s environmental footprint.

Respect for the environment
Commitment to society

DIA works tirelessly and in continuous contact with associations, NGOs and other entities that work to help society to jointly pursue initiatives related to food and the community. The company seeks out projects that make a difference to the least privileged, prioritising those related to food and food safety; children and their nutrition and health also hold a special place in DIA’s heart.

For more information on DIA’s specific sustainability initiatives, please see the company’s Sustainable Development Report and the corresponding tab on the corporate website.

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