Creation of values to call its own

DIA’s IPO in mid-2011, the culmination of its desire to forge ahead as a standalone company, marked the start of a new era at the company in every respect. Part of this new challenge involved the search for a set of hallmark traits that distilled the essence of a company that had been around for over three decades. The first step was necessarily to consider very carefully what values had inspired DIA consistently from its beginnings to the present day.

In 2012 the company set up several taskforces to consider, debate and identify DIA’s intrinsic values
To this end, in 2012 DIA set up several taskforces made up of professionals from each of the group´s operating markets. Over the course of six months, seven meetings took place with eight directors from each country, as well as another two meetings with the HR team and eight workers of varying backgrounds in order to garner feedback from employees without strategic corporate insight. The work performed by these taskforces consisted of debating - prompted by several different questions - the values considered intrinsic to DIA with a view to identifying those pinpointed variously by its employees, customers and suppliers, as well as aspirational values. The taskforces’ conclusions were compiled together and presented to the Management Committee for approval.

In the end, five core values were selected: Efficiency, Initiative, Respect, Teamwork and Customers. These have always been and remain the core principals that inspire and guide DIA, where professional ethics prevail, in everything it does.

These values enable DIA to carry out its mission, namely that of offering consumers solutions to their food and consumer product needs underpinned by a price/quality pledge that is unique in the market, while meeting the expectations of all its stakeholders: employees, suppliers, shareholders and society in its business markets.

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