Ethic code

Authentic commitment to best practice and professional conduct

The company faces up its responsibilities armed with its values – Efficiency, Initiative, Respect, Teamwork and Customers – which are the result of its long-standing mission to offer consumers top quality at unbeatable prices. Using these corporate values as its starting point, in 2012 DIA drew up a new ethics code, which serves a principled guide to the best practices and professional conduct that should underpin the company’s actions. It is distributed to all of the people, organisations and institutions that form part of its professional orbit.

Everyone at DIA, from the chairwoman right down to the very last worker, is committed to upholding this code of ethics, fully convinced that only by doing business ethically can it build a company that continually improves, earns more respect and creates new utility for its customers

Everyone at DIA’s, from the chairwoman right down to the very last worker, is committed to upholding the company’s code of ethics
As one of the leading companies in its operating markets, DIA is strategically committed to a business approach which prioritises, building from the core principle of strict compliance with prevailing law, respect for and promotion of its stakeholders’ rights and interests, care for the environment, commitment to the community and the prevention of malign practices such as corruption and bribery.

The company has decided to make the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, signed in 2012, its own. It is committed to promoting them among all its stakeholders. DIA expects the companies that it works with - franchises, suppliers, contractors, etc. – to behave consistently with these principles and reserves the right to collaborate only with those that make their commitment explicit.

On the individual level, every member of the DIA organisation discharges his or her professional duties in a manner that is coherent with the company’s values and the five behavioural codes listed in the group’s code of ethics:

  • We comply with rules and regulations and respect others
    Compliance with the bodies of in-house and external rules and regulations and respect for others lie at the heart of DIA professionals’ business conduct.

  • Our decisions and relationships are guided by ethics: we say no to corruption
    At DIA we are aware that individual success is rooted in the team, and that a team can only be successful when it is founded on ethical conduct. Dealings with colleagues and third parties must be based on integrity, objectivity and impartiality.

  • We safeguard assets and information
    DIA employees are thorough, professional and loyal to the company. They endeavour to ensure the best use of DIA’s assets and resources at all times, aware that they must be used strictly for professional purposes.

  • We are committed to our customers and to society as a whole
    Individually and as a company, DIA and its professionals play fair, avoiding and thwarting manipulation, fraud or any other form of illicit behaviour that could give the group an unfair advantage.

  • We lead by example
    Each and every member of DIA is responsible for ensuring that the company abides by the business ethics to which it aspires. DIA’s values and codes of conduct are not just words: they must inspire and dictate our everyday actions.

The codes of conduct distilled in the ethics code are binding for all DIA professionals, as are the rest of the company’s in-house rules and regulations.

The company is committed to acting diligently to prevent and detect, as necessary, irregular practices or conduct that violate its values or rules of engagement. ‘Acting diligently’ means that the company has put in place a number of tools to ensure that the ethics code is acknowledged, understood and complied with.

Ethics Committee

To this end, DIA has set up a Ethics Committee at the corporate level whose duties include that of disseminating and implementing the code and ensuring that it is acknowledged, understood and upheld. In each operating market, the company has assigned ethics coordination officers who report back to this Committee and work to spread the corporate culture group-wide.

It has also set up an ethics channel for handing enquires and requests for information. It is managed by the Ethics Committee and the officers in charge of ethics coordination. Its aim is to resolve interpretation-related queries and any potential code breaches.

This channel can be contacted by e-mail or by postal correspondence; it attends to enquiries about the company at the global level and in each operating market. Enquiries to this channel must be signed and are at all times handled confidentially. With this tool, the Ethics Committee strives to earn the trust of DIA’s employees, to which end it has a zero-tolerance policy with respect to retaliation against any employees using the ethics channel to report potential irregularities.

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Crime prevention

Also in 2012 DIA implemented a crime prevention model with a view to establishing the optimal internal control procedures and policies to prevent the commission of illegal acts at the company. As well as analysing the activities of each business area in order to evaluate crime risk at each, DIA appointed a crime prevention officer who reports to the Ethics Committee and the chief compliance officer.

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